Maximizes Safety and New Business Opportunities From Open Houses


Allows real estate agents to maximize their lead capture at open houses and have those leads automatically tagged (keywords) and entered into CRM platform for automated follow-up.

It streamlines lead capture and follow-up by being fully integrated with keyword Smart CRM functionality.

With the AI-infused behavioral automation built into the keyword Smart CRM, leads that come from the Open House sign-in will be treated to personalized follow-up that is related to the open house they attend.

“The Open House sign-in works as a digital sign-in form, but it’s more than just signing in via text or scan.” “It’s a simpler, faster way for agents to secure sellers property and achieve the security they need, and nurture and stay top-of-mind with prospective clients.”

Setting up the Open House takes only minutes. Once an agent has logged into their dashboard, the agent enters the URL from the website of the property hosting an open house. Agents may choose questions for visitors to fill out when they receive the autoresponder sign in at the open house.

“It’s by far an easier way to capture leads at an open house,” adds Tom McKinnon. “No need to bring a sign-up sheet. No need to manually enter those leads into a spreadsheet or CRM. It’s a tool we’ve created for our users that make their lives a little easier.”

“The Open House system is really clean and simple, and lets agents focus on the open house while knowing they are providing security for the home and personal security when collecting good information on all of the opportunities before potential clients that walk through the door. And putting them instantly into our CRM platform ensuring great follow-up.”

The addition, the Mobile Open House Platform further strengthens security by providing client identity as the comprehensive software solution for brokerages, teams and agents, and positions you as the leading provider of CRM and marketing services agent security in the real estate industry.

At Safe Showing we recognize the incredible value and expertise that agents and other real estate professionals bring to the table. We are committed to a set of principles and ideas designed to support your career and protect your personal safety, homeowner’s security and your CRM opportunities.




Open House Registration

Safe Showing helps you with a pre-built open house registration form that captures the buyer’s phone number as soon as they scan or text.


AGENTS: It’s YOUR responsibility to ensure that the house is secure at all times…

Always have a sign-in sheet for your Open House!

Scan or Text

For Home Security purposes, we need your identity prior to entering our Open House. We require all visitors to sign-in before being shown the house. This gesture is important for security purposes. If you refuse to sign-in (scan or text), you cannot see this house at the present time, unless you meet this condition. Please make an appointment with the agent to meet at their office to preview this property at a later date.

As obvious as this sounds, it’s very important.  Homeowners want to know who’s been through their home and God forbid something goes missing, you better know who’s been through the open house.  It’s our responsibility to keep names of the people walking through.  It’s good professional practice.

Some people may not want to sign in or try to use a fake name.  Yes, this happens frequently, or they do not leave their full information.  Here are two things you can do…

  1. Explain to them for security reasons the owner has instructed you that nobody is to go through the home without signing in.
  2. If you need to check some type of photo Identification at the door then so be it.  If someone really wants to view the home then they should be willing to understand this security request.

Another thing I have heard one of my agents doing is using a tablet to have them sign in.  Many people enjoy seeing technology being used and having them sign in using an iPad or any other Tablet may help as well.  Whatever it takes to get them to give you some information the better.

Make sure you tell your Homeowners to have all valuables moved to a locked safe or off-premises at a friends or relatives house.  Walk the house quickly before you hold it open, removing any obvious valuable like jewelry, video games, laptops, and tablets.