Open House Focus


Foot traffic and face-to-face time with Open House visitors are one of the strongest ways to build your brand, build interest in a property, and generate new leads. Many agents don’t put enough emphasis on a critical piece of the SAFETY process.

Whether you want to generate new contacts that might be in the market to buy or sell, a Scan / Text SIGN is critical to your Open House Safety Plan.

We’ve outlined how to use captured lead data and how to use this data to nurture leads after your Open House. We’ve also included free, customizable Open House sign-in templates for you to use at your events.

What exactly do you include on a sign? While you shouldn’t overwhelm visitors with an exhaustive questionnaire, you should share the essentials.

Focus on the entrance and dedicate a space to it.

Minimize distractions by signage as close to the entrance of the house as possible.

Use phone and Text to follow up with leads.

Given that 95 percent of leads convert between the 2nd and 12th contact attempt, you should develop a follow-up strategy as soon as possible after the Open House, and set up your auto-responder within 10 minutes of their visit and continue to make attempts to connect with them even if they’re unresponsive at first. In today’s competitive market, a personal touch done in a timely manner sets you apart from other agents.

You’ve developed an interpersonal connection with these contacts, so there’s a good chance that both of you can recollect personal details about each other and the Open House while it’s still fresh in your minds. Cement that relationship by reaching out to each contact individually and find out more about their goals. This will show your potential home buyer you’re a go-getter agent who capitalizes on every opportunity.

Each agent will approach their follow-up strategy differently, and it’s important to accelerate or slow the process based on how often your lead engages with you, below is an example of a good Open House follow-up strategy for the first week:

  • Next Day: Send a thank you email to attendees.
  • 2nd Day: Follow up with a personal phone call.
  • 3rd Day: Send your lead personalized listings.
  • 4th Day: Follow up on the listings you’ve sent and see if they’d like to join other open houses or see any listings for the upcoming weekend.
  • 5th Day: Send a piece of relevant content. Videos and photos of the area work well.
  • 6th Day: Follow up via phone to see what further information they’d like in the area.
  • 7th-8th Day: If they’ve been unresponsive, follow up just to check in, and reference the conversation you had at the open house.
  • Beyond: Add them to your newsletter and send them a link that mentions you’ll be sending them occasional tips and information.

Have your Single Property Video playing in a loop and instruct the homebuyers to text or scan to receive a copy or your video. Also, add a link to the MLS for full property details.