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Generate More Listing Leads with Real Estate QR / Text Lead Capture
Digital Flyer real estate text lead capture can help you generate more listing leads using real estate text riders and real estate text message marketing. It also captures curbside leads, and text leads real estate, which is being missed if you are not using an SMS real estate service or text marketing real estate. Buyers like text for more information on real estate because they do not have to talk to listing agents. Jumpstart listing marketing with real estate sign text for info.
Save time
Time is a real estate agent’s most precious commodity. Using real estate text marketing software with SMS sign riders and real estate riders means you are no longer driving around town to re-fill yard sign boxes with paper flyers. Implementing text marketing real estate and real estate SMS marketing frees up time for other tasks. Save time when you use text message SMS real estate marketing and real estate text lead capture.
Save money
Digital Flyer and SMS real estate save money too! The cost of printing paper flyers, that can get damaged by rain or snow or picked up by neighbors, adds up. Using real estate text message marketing and real estate text service cuts that expense from your budget. When you use realtor text marketing there is a digital record of all leads. Text for info real estate is a more efficient way to track buyer leads.
Pandemic Marketing
Everyone is re-thinking how they do business due to the pandemic. Real estate text message marketing and text for more information real estate is a contactless way to quickly provide interested buyers with more information on a listing. Many buyers are driving around looking at houses. It’s a great thing to do when you want a break from being at home! Buyers may be more hesitant to schedule a showing but you can provide lots of information with Digital Flyer and real estate text capture service.
Respond faster
When you have real estate text riders and SMS sign riders attached to your “For Sale” signs prospective buyers requesting information get an instant response. Our Digital Flyer text marketing real estate service also immediately texts and emails you (the listing agent) a lead notification. If you call the lead right away they will still be standing in front of your listing. Using real estate SMS marketing and real estate sign text for info makes it possible to respond to potential buyers in a more timely fashion.
Get results
Real estate text message marketing, real estate rider, and SMS sign riders can increase listing exposure, and improve results. Digital Flyer realtor text marketing with SMS real estate and real estate riders can help generate more listing leads, produce buyer contacts, and increase home sales. Get the results you want with real estate SMS marketing, and text message SMS real estate marketing, when you use text leads real estate, text riders, and text for info real estate.