Open House Safety

Capture Leads

With our real estate signs, home buyers scan and send a simple text message, and then our service instantly sends photos, pricing, and additional information directly to their mobile phones! More importantly, we send you, the potential homebuyers’ or neighbors’ phone numbers of the buyer while they are still in front of the house! You will instantly receive a text message and an email with the buyer’s mobile phone number. You are now connected with someone looking to purchase a home in your area with our real estate text signs, who you normally wouldn’t even know existed!

How Does It Work?

SafeShowing Digital Flyers are a simple to use web-based application to use for your real estate QR text signs. Just log in, Import your listing property details and images and then assign one of your Property IDs which only takes a few minutes. You then put your QR Text Sign in front of the house and … That’s It! As prospective buyers send a text message for more information, their phone number is sent right to your mobile phone and email. When the property is sold, simply move your URL and real estate text sign to another home with minimal effort.

Mobile Device Friendly

We know that real estate agents and brokers are often out of the office meeting with clients and viewing homes, and our solution is designed to enable the agent on the go. You can view email notifications, SMS text messages, and the website all via your tablet or smartphone.