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QR Codes / Text…  Fast access to your listings

Flyers matter. But what happens when you’re out of flyers? Make sure you have a QR code on your sign rider or attached to your sign. QR stands for Quick Response and is a great way to engage people with smartphones. Buyers can scan the code or Text and be directed to more information about your property (Full Property LIsting). Utilize the full potential of Text / QR codes today!

Agents Benefit

MORE LISTINGS – win more listings with our Smart Mobile signs. Show it in action on a listing presentation.
LEADS – capture more leads and in real-time. Convert them with a tested and proven lead management system.
INFORMATION – provide information on your listings 24/7 and set yourself apart from the competition.
NO MORE FLYERS – save money on printing costs and spend your time on more productive activities. Say goodbye to creating, printing, and refilling brochure boxes. With our platform, your property listings are available all the time and delivered on-demand to potential buyers straight to the device they never leave home without – their mobile phone.
DIFFERENTIATE – let your marketing stand out. Be the first in your brokerage or office to offer this new service that benefits everyone.


POWERFUL MARKETING TOOL – property information available to buyer’s 24/7/365.
VIRTUAL BROCHURE BOX – mobile property information available on demand.
MORE SHOWINGS – interested buyers can schedule a showing from the seller’s front yard.
SOLD – help sellers sell their homes faster by empowering homebuyers.


EASY TO USE – just send a text message or QR Code scan and receive a response in seconds.
INSTANT ACCESS – buyers receive information about the property they want when they want it.
CONVENIENT – schedule showings by responding to the homebuyer’s initial message.
REQUEST MORE INFORMATION – buyers scan or text for a complete property listing. Buyers can also choose to be updated on the property’s status (price-adjustment, under contract, etc.) or similar property listings.

Seize More Opportunities With “Text For Info”

With SafeShowing.com you add a “Text / QR code for info” promo code to your advertisements and receive automatic phone number alerts (leads). You become even more amazing by engaging your audience at the point of interest, the moment when you have the best opportunity to sell.

  1. Someone responds to your signs by scanning or texting your promo code.
  2. Within seconds they receive an auto-response message you control.
  3. You instantly receive an alert with a phone number, code, and promo title.
  4. If you decide, they receive a second auto follow-up message 3-5 minutes or later without losing opportunities to connect with more customers?

You are wasting money if your advertising does not allow people to request info 24/7 over mobile. People today prefer to interact with their mobile phones and would rather text than talk. In fact, more websites are now visited by phone than on a computer. Stop missing opportunities to connect and use SafeShowing.com today!

Do you know who is responding to your advertising?

By adding a Text Message / QR Promo Code, you can enhance your signs, vehicle graphics, flyers, and ads making them “actionable”. Receive automatic phone number alerts every time someone sends a text or scan for info. You benefit by providing timely follow up, increased sales, and growing your contact database while measuring the effectiveness of your marketing.

* SMS stands for Short Message Service and is the most widely used type of text messaging. With an SMS, you can send a message of up to 160 characters to another device. Longer messages are normally split up into multiple messages.
MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. With an MMS, you can send a message including pictures, video or audio content to another device. MMS does require a data package. Standard message & data rates may apply.