Realtors: Watch Your Business Boom

If you’re a realtor in today’s industry, then you’re constantly searching for new leads and ways to connect with potential home buyers.

What if you could increase the number of people you’re connecting with and save time and money?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not. If you are a real estate agent with a smartphone, then success is right at your fingertips if you’re willing to go mobile.

Think about it. Everyone has a phone these days, and a large number of home searches are done from a mobile device. When people are driving around looking at listings, they’re going to have their phone on the 99% of the time, and I would almost guarantee they will be searching for something at some point.

So how can you connect with these people right through their mobile devices?

Here are a couple of suggestions…


Text Message (or SMS) Marketing

If there ever were an industry that’s perfect for text messaging, it’s the real estate industry.

Text messages have a 98% open rate, making it almost a guarantee that your message will be seen.

With text messaging, you can make it even easier for potential buyers to find you, learn more about you and your listings, and make a purchase.


Here’s how it works:

The “call to action” sign asks potential buyers to text in, and can even include a QR code that they can scan that will direct them to the same information!


What happens next?

Here’s what happens with our real estate clients:

You now have potential buyers in your database so you can send them texts down the road – like an alert when you have a new listing, a price reduction, etc. You can also follow up with them about the listing they viewed “AUTOMATICALLY”.

Additionally, you can direct them to your website, social media sites – wherever you want them to go!

Why is this so awesome?

Well, besides having people in your database that you can now connect with at any time, you are also saving money on things like NO FLYERS AND NO FLYER BOXES. You have happier seller clients who aren’t going to complain your flyer box is empty. And for a real estate agent, one sale can cover the cost of four years of mobile marketing costs.



Think about how many people drive by a listing and want more information – like a complete MLS Listing in the Palm of their Hands including; pictures, prices, etc. Those people are going to find it easy to text in or scan from the convenience of their car. Even if the house doesn’t turn out to be something they like, they now have access to your other listings on the Real Estate Broker or Agents website, and you have a way of contacting them in the future. Even if 3 people a day text in, the value of the database you’re building over time is definitely well worth it!

So tell us –How has it been beneficial for you and your clients? That’s in your Lead Generator and Lead Capture System!!!


Are you a realtor interested in mobile marketing services that can boost your business? We have a top-notch real estate module that makes it easy! Contact us today for more information!